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Lasria Patreon

Patreon FAQ

What is Patreon?

Patreon offers a way for creators to provide premium content to their fans for a monthly membership.

Why does Lasria use Patreon?

Patreon is a reliable, established way for us to set up our users with our premium content that doesn't take as big a cut in fees as other offerings like Paypal donations. Lasria will always be free to use, but our Patreon allows our users a way of supporting the site's infrastructure costs (server hosting and domain costs), and pays our artists, writers, and developers while simultaneously granting access to additional features, art, and other content for our users as a thank you for donating.

What sort of content does the Patreon give users access to?

Rewards depend on the Patreon tier you choose to contribute to, but everyone who joins our Patreon has access to Lasrium (our premium currency) monthly, along with pixel-perfect downloadable phone wallpaper art featuring our art, and access to our patreon discord channel. Higher tiers also gain access to additional daily dungeon runs, behind the scenes content access to games, art, and features, (both early access and retired content), and higher granted sums of monthly Lasrium. These are just our current offerings though, and even more content may become available to our patreon users in the future! Please note it may take up to 24h after joining our Patreon to receive all of your rewards.

Where can I join the Lasria Patreon?

Patreon Rewards

•Monthly Lasrium (automatically deposited directly into your account)

•Lasria Discord (with exclusive patreon channel unlocked) •Downloadable Phone Wallpaper Art

• Couture Set Items for Current Month

• Exclusive Emojis

• Forum Badge

• WIP/Behind the Scenes Access through Patreon

• Exclusive access to private features/games!

• Twice as many daily dungeon runs

• Increased Aquarium Capacity

More Rewards Coming Soon

• Twice as many daily quest rewards

• Double the feedback daily votes