So you want to know a little bit about this place, and maybe the people who made it possible? You have come to the right place!

Lasria is an in progress MMO-RPG and forum, where everyone is welcome. The MMO and RPG are both in a playable (and replayable) state with multiple dungeons and areas to explore, but you can still expect many more features to come! The forum was built on PHPBB, an open source forum software based in php. The extensions used in Lasria, built in phpbb, are not open source, however. This site is an indie-development passion project made by people who love these kinds of communities for other people who also love these kinds of communities.

Some fun facts about Lasria! It has been public for over four years now, and has hundreds of users and items available already! Right now the focus of Lasria is in delivering quality content and features. The ultimate goal is to make the site look and work great for all our users, on any device, and still be wicked fun to explore and play! Lasria is funded by its Patreon and out of pocket by Amelia.

The Team

Amelia Amelia built this site, and is the administrator, lead developer, and lead designer for all assets used on the site. She's been coding for over a decade, but mostly web-development, with game development as a side pursuit. Before working as a professional developer, Amelia worked as a designer, and before that, as a pixel artist, so working on Lasria brings her great joy. Lasria is currently a project she pursues in her spare time, and when the RPG game is complete, it will be her proudest achievement to date.

Saeyra Saeyra works as the lead artist for Lasria. She is a professional digital and traditionl artist, who has been part of the Lasria team since before Lasria was even public. An avid learner, Saeyra taught herself how to do pixel art just to be able to contribute more on Lasria. With her eye for detail, creativity, and compassionate nature, she helps foster a happy healthy environment for all of Lasria's artists to work in.

Lilypoo Lilypoo is the administrative assistant to the Lasria team. She coordinates most of the forum events, notably the puzzles and activities everyone enjoys, and helps us keep everything organized and on track. As an experienced avatar-community user, she often helps identify opportunities and levels up the quality of content we produce regularly. Her warm and welcoming attitude help everyone, especially our forum users.

Kodragoshi Kodragoshi is a contributing developer for Lasria, who has been working on quality of life improvements for Lasria off and on for years. His expertise at all things technical has helped build automations and tooling for a lot of the systems that keep Lasria running smoothly. Over the years, he has elevated Lasria's code base with his practical knowledge, and lifted the team up with his generous and congenial disposition.

Juneberry Juneberry is a writer and editor for Lasria. She works hard to find every grammatical mistake and spelling issue that might otherwise have been overlooked, and suggests helpful rephrasings that make some of the more complex systems on Lasria clear to anyone who uses them, and shares forum games and content regularly as well. Her bubbly optimism keeps everyone in good spirits as we work towards ever more ambitious goals, and her savvy with words allows our content to stay top notch.

Delightfully Delightfully is a pixel artist for Lasria. She has a bright and glossy style that brings out the best qualities in all of her artwork, and an intrinsically kind nature that shines through to all that get to work with her. Being a self-motivated artist, Delightfully is able to recognize and fill in gaps in our catalogue that others might not have noticed with ease. As one of the newer members of the team, we hope that we will get to see many more lovely pixels from Delightfully.

Drewcifer Drewcifer is a pixel artist powerhouse for Lasria. Whenever there is an opportunity for a large volume of beautiful pixels, Drewcifer rises to the occasion without hesitation. Drewcifer brings curiosity and high-aspirations to all projects, and it raises the bar of content Lasria can offer to its users by pushing us all to improve. As one of the newer members of the team, we hope that we will get to see many more lovely pixels from Drewcifer.

Hazer Hazer is a contributing developer for Lasria. He is an established name among most avatar communites as an experienced developer and gamer, and we are lucky enough to get to share some of his experience and skill as a programmer with our Lasria codebase and users. Hazer brings valuable technical knowledge to the team, and is never shy in sharing helpful advice and suggestions to further our continued growth from his vast knowledge about avatar communities.